5 Powerful Natural Herbs That Will Help You Boost Your Performance And Skills With Your Woman Everytime


Men throughout the ages have tried to find remedies to improve their “other room” man power and skills. Herbs, roots, and other natural ingredients have been used successfully to improve their “Kerewa” skills and sustain a longer erection, and some even extend or enlarge the size of their “John Thomas”

These are 5 herbs and natural remedies that can help a man delay his “release” and enjoy “Kerewa” for a longer period of time.



Ginkgo Biloba is a traditional herb used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years. It has been well-studied for its benefits when combined with other ingredients, such as Ginseng.

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Men who took Ginkgo biloba have been reported to have an increase in their urge and desire “to get into action”. Ginkgo enhances the effects of nitric oxide, which helps relax artery walls, allowing more blood flow into your organ.
Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract of “the oldest tree known to man” increases the body’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection as it increases the blood flow to vital organs such as the brain and private areas such as your “John Thomas”. Gingko biloba is a must use for all men.

ginseng-herbal-supplementGinseng, often called the “king of herbs,” has been used in the Far East since antiquity. For at least that long, people in China, Korea, and other regions have used this remarkable herb to increase stamina, decrease fatigue, and give a boost to their libido, urge and drive.
Like ginkgo, ginseng also increases nitric oxide levels and thus is helpful to fix men’s weak erection and performance. It appears to have an effect on the dopamine system too and this can help women as well as men.
Men taking Ginseng usually have firmer, longer-lasting erections that are easier to attain.

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reishi-mushroomReishi, a well-known Chinese mushroom that is dubbed, the “herb of spiritual potency,” is a herbal mushroom known to have miraculous health benefits. We all know mushrooms have tons of health benefits but did you know, aside from all the health benefits, Reishi mushrooms are also known to improve something which all men, including you, will surely love?

Consumption of Reishi can enhance our body’s immune system and improve blood circulation, thus natuarally improving your erection and enhancing your libido and your ability to perform and impress your woman.

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schisandra-fruitSchisandra also called five-flavor berry is a deciduous woody vine native to forests of Northern China and the Russian Far East.It is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs.

It can help purge toxins from your body, heal it naturally and give you a fresh lease of life. It is included in many traditional herbal formulas for improving energy and is capable of improving blood circulation. It helps in increasing the stamina and staying power of men. Schisandra helps to increase blood pressure to the “John Thomas” and so it doubles as an erection booster.

Besides being useful for men, the schisandra berry is also helpful for women as it aids in increasing blood circulation, sensitivity, lubrication, and libido.

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cured-fo-tiLong revered as one of the most important and powerful herbs, Fo-ti is an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as a longevity tonic. Also called He Shou Wu, it has a rich and mystical history; this highly sought after herb has a rich history as a fertility aid.

This perennial evergreen vine makes you body function at its peak and is one of the main herbs to improve your “kerewa” drive, urge and desire. Three words are synonymous with this plant, “vitality”, “vigor” and “longevity”. Fo-ti has been traditionally used for men who have low libido.

Its aphrodisiacal properties have been verified again and again in scientific studies which have proven its ability to combat men’s organ weakness by dilating capillaries, increasing micro-circulation and hence blood supply to the “John Thomas” and preventing speedy “release”

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Natural remedies will work for you and help you avoid the nasty side effects often associated with prescription medications.

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