5 Most Common Reasons You Are Not Satisfying Your Woman

not-satisfyingHave you ever thought about what causes this problem or known about the causes of this problem of premature ejaculation? The problems are what most people can’t really stay off.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the causes of Reduced Sex Drive, Libido, Sperm Count.

1. Stress and over-work: Are the most common causes of a reduced sex drive. You need to avoid caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol and above all, try to relax and switch off.

2. Poor diet: If you’re not getting enough vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids hormone imbalances may arise and have a big effect on your sex drive.

3. Being overweight: Can cause sluggishness, low energy levels, a diminished libido and low self esteem. Consuming too many carbohydrates raises serotonin which will further lower your sex drive.

4. Excessive alcohol: Reduces testosterone production. Extreme long term abuse can cause impotence, shrunken penis.

5. Smoking: It can cause high blood pressure and bad circulation, it will also lower your sperm count. Having a high sperm count acts as a trigger to boosting sex drive.

After being deprived of your performance by these unfortunate problems, all hopes are never lost. Many men resolve to take drugs which have side effects on you on the long run.

Fortunately, you can get our own natural remedies that will help you get superb results by improving your libido, long lasting erection and overall performance.


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